Tips for Traveling With Technology

Tips for Traveling With Technology
Keeping your cell phone charged while traveling can be a challenge. Now there are many companies that manufacture solar backpacks with prices beginning at $69. These packs can accommodate anything from a cell phone to a tablet and even laptops. The initial solar battery charge takes 4.5 hours and then yields 2 hours of phone usage for 1 hour in the sun. If you’re simply looking for a phone charger, smaller units with a USB port are available. Once your phone is charged you will want to protect it from the elements. If you’re planning on hiking, swimming or skiing be sure to put your cell in a protective case. Choices include, shock proof, water proof and for divers, submersible up to 3 meters.
Hopefully, it won’t rain on your expedition but, if it does, make sure you have entertainment at your fingertips. If you subscribe to cable at home you can access those programs anywhere via your phone. You have the ability to stream shows and movies, as well as view items stored on your DVR. If wifi access is a problem you can download free sites or search for local wifi hot spots.
The down side to traveling with technology is the ability for identity thieves to steal your information. Today’s technology has embedded microchips in the cards we carry and with one swipe that information can be skimmed from your pocket or purse. You have a choice in protection, either an aluminum lined wallet or a set of thin covers that slip over your passport or existing wallet that blocks the radio frequencies, both of these options retail under $20.
There’s an App for every occasion, starting with the airlines, from mobile check in and boarding to checking flight status, you simply have to show up. Once you’re on board, you use in flight wifi to review maps or itineraries on your handheld device. If traveling to a foreign country, be sure to take advantage of translation and language apps during those long flights.

5 Facts to Demystify FIOS Internet Forever

FIOS Internet has been hailed as the next generation in Internet connections. While it promises to deliver new speeds at unbeatable prices, very few people actually know what FIOS Internet is or how it differs from other types of Internet.

Today, let’s demystify FIOS Internet to understand what makes it different from other connections like DSL or satellite Internet.

1. Data is Transferred at the Speed of Light

The reason FIOS is one of the most affordable types of Seattle Internet service revolves around the medium it uses for transmission: light.

Instead of using electricity through copper or waves through the air, which are both prone to signal loss and interference over distances, tiny packets of light travel through fiber optic cables. This allows for a greater Internet speed, which means that you have both a lower delay and a larger amount of bandwidth.

2. It Connects to the Same Internet

The only thing special about FIOS from a technical standpoint is how it works. It still connects customers to the same Internet, which allows them to access the same functionality as any other Internet connection would.

It just works faster and more efficiently than many other types of connections.

3. It Takes a Special Kind of Connection

DSL and dial-up connections typically use the same copper wire that telephone networks use. This means that they have a limited bandwidth, the chance for interference and numerous other drawbacks in exchange for utilizing an existing infrastructure most people have.

FIOS requires an entirely new infrastructure to be installed both in a person’s home or business and to it. This is why FIOS may not be available in every area.

4. FIOS is Usually Cheaper

FIOS Internet typically offers a greater amount of bandwidth due to its unique technology. This allows for customers to acquire the same amount of connectivity for prices that are usually significantly cheaper than other comparable types of Internet.

This stays true even when a customer has to pay for the installation of their FIOS connection, though most companies will install FIOS Internet with little to no fee.

5. It Works with Ethernet and Coaxial Setups

The reason so many people choose to go with FIOS Internet revolves around how cost-efficient and interchangeable it is. There’s no need to replace your computer or router if you’re already using coaxial or Ethernet cables, as most FIOS connections convert from fiber optics to Ethernet and coaxial cable once installed in the building.

The only situation where you might need to update your connection is if you rely on RJ-11 connections, otherwise known as phone cable. Many Internet companies will provide you with a free router and length of Ethernet cable, which most computers manufactured in the last 15 years can use.

FIOS Internet: Fast, Efficient and Plentiful

If FIOS Internet is available in your area from a Seattle Internet service provider, then you may want to take the time to inquire about it. You’ll be amazed not just by how smoothly it works, but also by how much cheaper and more effective it can be compared to your current Internet connection.

Internet Marketing Running on Steroids

Internet Marketing Running on Steroids!
When you are handling Internet marketing for your company, you need to make sure that you put your marketing on steroids. The steroids that you put your marketing on come in two forms. You will notice quickly that these techniques work as you get more customers and traffic for your business.

More Ads

You need to spend as much money as you can on online ads. You have no idea where the ads will go online, and it is something that will shock you when you learn how broad their appeal is. Your marketing appeal is going to be much broader if you are using the marketing service more, and you will be able to ask them to send your ads all over the Web.

The Social Media Presence

You can create a social media presence that is going to expose you to many more customers. You can sign up for so many social media platforms that you will catch many more customers than you could imagine. You are going to have customers from all over the world if you are using social media, and you should sign up for every other site you can find. Having a presence out there is going to turn up your marketing immediately.

Your Communication

You are going to turn up your Internet marketing much more if you are communicating with the people that love your products. You want to be available to the people that buy your products, and you want them to know that they can talk to you. You are going to get more word of mouth business when you are communicating with all your customers.

Putting your Internet marketing on steroids happens in all the ways listed above. Working on your marketing this year can only be effective if you are following the steps above.